A bit about us

Little n and the LION’ is a children's clothing and accessories brand inspired by my first two children; my lion, and my little N. My third child is now reaping the benefits of all the lovely clothes! I began sewing with a love for making and an old singer sewing machine handed down from my Nanna. I started out making items for around the home.

Since having my son in 2013 my products have become much more focussed on mums and babies, because when your baby dribbles like a water fountain you just gotta start making dribble bibs right?! Now I’m full time mumming with three small people and have the joy of working at home with my ‘makery’ in the utility room! I fit in my stitching around my babes’ nap times and in the evenings and just love to make products that I myself as a mum find useful and attractive, and hope that you will too.